Our Services

Wellness Visits and Annual Vaccinations

An annual physical exam is recommended for all of our patients. This visit allows us to not only update vaccines, but to update your pets baseline health through exam, diagnostics, nutrition discussions and when necessary, treatment recommendations. Consider this visit as an opportunity to be out in front of a potential problem.


While many diagnoses require an in-person visit to the Hospital so that we evaluate your pet,
some conditions may be discussed and treated via telemedicine, where you will have an on-
telephone or video appointment with the Doctor.  At the time of the appointment booking, our staff may offer you a telemedicine appointment, depending upon the presenting condition. To learn more about our telemedicine appointments or book a telemedicine appointment the buttons below.

Laser Therapy

A fairly new treatment, laser therapy provides treatment for pet with chronic inflammation and pain. Laser therapy helps to alleviate pain and stimulate the healing process because it works directly on injured or affected areas. Laser treatments can help speed up healing, strengthen muscle and tissue, improve mobility and enhance your pet's overall quality of life almost immediately. Consult us for a treatment plan and see the results.


Maintaining your pet’s oral health is a team effort. Regular at-home care is supported by day admission dental treatments in our hospital, including deep cleaning and where necessary extractions. Bad breath has a remedy!

Internal Medicine

Our experienced Doctors are excellent diagnosticians and they use every advanced tool, including blood work, xrays, ultrasound and consultations with specialists to develop a diagnosis and a treatment plan for your pet’s illness. We work with you to help you understand and implement recommended treatments.


Our doctors are experienced in all types of soft tissue surgeries and most orthopedic surgeries. Before any surgery is undertaken, pre-surgical workups establish a baseline of health for your pet so that the surgery can be performed in the safest possible manner, with the best possible outcome. Prior to surgery, during surgery and following surgery, we used advanced pain management and monitoring to alleviate your pet’s discomfort.

Diagnostic Imaging

We offer radiology, ultrasonography and echo-cardiograms as routine parts of our diagnostics. These advanced diagnostics aid in an accurate and advanced diagnosis of your pet’s condition. You should expect that your pet may need light sedation when imaging is required.

Referral Specialists

Your pet’s wellbeing is foremost in our minds.  When necessary, we make a referral to the talented veterinary specialists that are located in our City.  Often, the specialist will come to our hospital to treat your pet in a familiar surrounding.

Nutrition Counselling

For some pets, food can be too much of a good thing, or your pet may have a condition that can be resolved through diet.  Our nutritional counseling service can help you choose the appropriate diet for your pet’s health and lifestage and monitor your pet’s progress between regular appointments.

Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Wilder has special training and is certified in the area of Regenerative Medicine (RM) Regenerative medicine aims to restore the normal function of diseased or damaged cells, tissues, and organs using a set of different approaches, including cell-based therapies. We are excited to offer RM treatment plans for our patients.


A microchip is a non-invasive identification chip that is painless and implanted in your pet.  The microchip emits a unique radio frequency that will identify your pet if lost.  Most of our new puppies and kittens receive a microchip to ensure that they will be returned to you.


We offer our regular clients the opportunity to board their pets with us during absences from home.  Our staff love spoiling your pet while they are with us.  Pets requiring regular medication or special care are welcome!