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CVO Accredited Facility

CVO Accredited Facility
The College of Veterinarians of Ontario protects and serves the public interest through the regulation of the practice of veterinary medicine. As an animal owner, you want to have confidence your pet or animal has access to quality veterinary medicine in a safe environment. One key aspect of how the College supports quality and safety in the delivery of veterinary medicine is through the regular inspection and accreditation of veterinary facilities.

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We treat your pets as if they were our own. Choosing a veterinary clinic is an important decision. We pride ourselves in our friendly and helpful staff members and provide top notch customer service care for you and your pets.

COVID19 Measures

Our LPAH Team has been serving the North Toronto community throughout the pandemic. We have instituted measures that will protect our staff and allow us to continue to provide excellent and uninterrupted care for your pets. We will continue with curbside medicine -- you will drop off your pet from our rear driveway and our staff will bring your pet in to the hospital for examination. Our Doctors will communicate their findings to you in an interactive conversation. These procedures have been working well and we will continue until it is considered safe to allow you inside. We very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work through challenging times.