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  • Dentistry: Proper oral health and homecare does not only get rid of halitosis (bad breath) and decrease the buildup of plaque, but it’s beneficial for heart and kidney health as well. When plaque builds up on a pet’s teeth, bacteria in the plaque irritate the pet’s gums. The irritated gums bleed, allowing bacteria from the plaque to enter the bloodstream. When bacteria enter the bloodstream, it travels throughout the entire body, which can then have a negative impact on vital organs, such as the heart and kidney. Daily brushing, the right nutrition and other dental products can go a long way, keeping the mouth and body clean and healthy. However, every pet is different and depending on the breed, age and history of your pet they might need a dental scaling more/less often than other pets. Just like people have regular checkups by their dentists; our pets need regular checkups too. Ask us about scheduling a dental exam with one of our technicians.
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