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Prior to each surgical procedure we recommend doing pre-anesthetic blood work to determine your pet’s health status.

The pre-anesthetic blood work allows Dr’s Wilder and Tait to evaluate two different types of screening. These are a biochemical profile, and hematology (often called a Complete Blood Count or CBC.

The Biochemical Profile Testing
Allows us to evaluate your pet’s vital organs, such as the liver and kidneys, and determine whether these organs are functioning properly.

We also evaluate the protein levels that are important in many ways including evaluation of infection and healing.

The Hematology (CBC) Testing
Allows us to evaluate the individual blood cells themselves. The CBC provides detailed information on the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

These tests can indicate the presence of infection, inflammation and stress and the ability to fight infection.

Low platelets can give us a picture of potential issues such as bleeding during or after surgeries.

These blood tests are recommended in pets of every age before surgery, dental or other anesthetic procedure to allow for the safest procedures we can offer.

We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures ranging from routine neuters, spays and dentistry’s to more complicated soft tissue surgeries and orthopedics.