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The Team

The Lawrence Park Animal Hospital Team
Client Services
Tessa Kimmel

Tessa joined our team in the summer of 2016.  Coming from a breadth of experience in the field, we feel very fortunate to have her at the front desk! Tessa is always ready to greet you, on the phone or when you come into the clinic, with a smile and a kind word.  Atop of her reception duties, she has been known to play amateur counsellor to clients and staff alike! When she’s not at the clinic, Tessa enjoys music (she is an accomplished rock bass player!), and spending time with her boyfriend, as well as her menagerie of kitty cats!

Carolyn Traynor

Carolyn’s strong love of animals enticed her to join the Lawrence Park Animal Hospital team in late 2008. With a background in 9-1-1 communication, she knows how to manage emergency situations when they arise in the clinic, and brings with her over 15 years of customer service experience. She is in her final semester at Centennial College completing her Human Resources Management degree. When she is not working at the clinic, she enjoys playing running and working out and can often be found at the local dog parks with her two dogs Marley (beagle/collie mix) and Brie (frenchie).

Tasha one of our ACA's showing Ben some love.
Tasha Babb

Tasha has been with Lawrence Park Animal Hospital since February 2013. As a kid she always wanted to work with animals. Although she ended up going in a different direction, she is now pursuing her childhood dreams. Hired on as an Animal Care Attendant.. Tash has now moved up into the role of Lead Veterinary Technician. She was nominated for Vet Tech of the Year 2016!!!
Outside the clinic she enjoys working out, video games, comic books and hanging with her Rottweiler, Lion.

Animal Care Attendant / Vet Student
Lindsay Mayer

Lindsay has been with LPAH since she started as a volunteer in the summer of 2013. She has since been trained as an ACA and has loved every minute! Recently she graduated with an Honours BSc from UofT and is starting vet school at University College Dublin in the fall. Lindsay has always loved animals, big and small, and is thrilled start this next chapter of her life. She has two dogs, Nickey and Bentley, and hopes to work as a wildlife veterinarian in the coming years.

Animal Care Attendant
Annie Rosen

Annie has been part of the LPAH team since October 2013. She is working towards attending University of Guelph to become a large animal veterinarian. Annie has wanted to work with large animals since she was 5.  Outside of the clinic she loves to travel, horse-back ride and spend time with her Great Dane, Margot and her Potcake, Brady!

Official Clinic Feline

Leonard joined our ranks after coming to the clinic from the shelter in the fall of 2015. He was volunteered to provide some hands-on experience for a visiting vet student – and we were so taken with him that we decided to adopt him ourselves! Lenny is sly, sleek and mischievous. He enjoys shadowing our staff during their lunches (and stealing bites when he can), chasing the sun beams for nap time, and hanging with his brother Mike.

Official Clinic Feline
Mike Edward Wasowski

Mike is a big ball of love that came to us in the fall of 2015, along with his shelter-bro Lenny. Mike had come to the shelter with an eye problem that had only one possible solution – it had to be removed. So, Dr Wilder did his surgery, and we all fell in love while Mike was here recovering with us! His shelter name had been Sully – so, naturally, when he went down to one eye, we stayed with his Disney theme but switched it to the more appropriate Mike Wasowski. (The ‘Edward’ just seemed to fit in the middle!). Mike LOVES belly rubs, head butts, his brother Lenny and his treats – he is a very special boy!