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Need a place for your furry friend to stay while you are out of town? We have the facilities to provide your pet with a comfortable and enjoyable place to stay! Rates are per night

Diagnostic Imaging

Ultrasonography and Radiology are both important non-invasive diagnostic procedures that help our doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions. A radiograph provides our doctors

On-site, Affordable Laser Therapy Is Now Available

LPAH is excited to announce we now have laser therapy available for our patients. Laser therapy provides a non-invasive, pain free, drug free relief for a variety of conditions.


Dentistry: Proper oral health and homecare does not only get rid of halitosis (bad breath) and decrease the buildup of plaque, but it’s beneficial for heart and kidney health as


Microchipping is a safe and easy way to permanently identify your pet in the unfortunate case that your pet is lost. If your pet is lost and transported to another clinic/shelter,

Nutrition Counselling

With realistic goals and a progress chart, our RVTs are able to track your pets’ weight and make success easier! Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle for your pet and speak


Prior to each surgical procedure we recommend doing pre-anesthetic blood work to determine your pet’s health status. The pre-anesthetic blood work allows Dr’s Wilder and Tait


  Wellness testing allows us to keep healthy pets healthy. The goal of wellness testing enables us to be proactive rather than reactive when an illness occurs, saving time,