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Abnormal Urination – Canines

Abnormal urination is a problem in both dogs and cats that we see commonly, however abnormal urination is only a sign or symptom of an underlying problem.

The following important questions, along with our examination will help us to diagnose and treat your pet.

Please try to answer all the questions below… thank you.

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    What have you have been noticing? Please select all that apply:
    Inappropriate urination (urinating in the house)
    Frequently urinating (more than normal during walks)
    Excessive urination with an abnormally large volume
    Straining to urinate with little or no production of urine
    Leaking urine/incontinence (noticing urine in your dog’s bedding after rest)

    How long have you noticed the symptoms?

    Have you noticed any blood in your dog's urine?

    Have you appreciated an odor to your dog's urine?

    Has your dog been drinking more than normal?

    Has there been any changes in your dog's energy levels?

    Have these signs occurred before with your dog?

    What is your pet currently eating? Please specify:

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    Thank you for your time and answers, this will be very helpful in providing the best possible treatment and care for your pet.